Latest Donors :

Donors :(1) State Bank of India - 13,57,058- Mini Bus Main Br. Ah'D;(2) Smt. Rajben & Shri Baldevraj Handa Development foundation- 10,00,000/- Audio & Speech Language Pathology center;(3) Late Balwantray V. Doshi & Rama B. Doshi Fund by Shri. Sahilbhai Doshi. (4) Shri. Sulochanaben Chandulal Dalal by Shri. Dhirenbhai Zaveri & Miraben Palkhiwala - 5,00,000/- (5) Shri Daulatbhai and Shri Nanubhai Trivedi Public Charitable Trust by Shri. K. H. Kaji- 5,00,000/- (6) Bank of India, National Banking Group(cen.) Ah'D.- 4,60,000/- (7) Shri. Veenaben Anilbhai Public Charitable Trust by Shri. Anilbhai C. Parikh - 4,76,000/- (8) SHETH CHIMANBHAI LALBHAI CHARITABLE TRUST 3,50,000/-(9) Omni Lense Pvt. Ltd. by Shri. Bhanubhai Patel- 2,66,000/-(10) THE KALUPUR COMMERCIAL CO.OP. BANK LTD. 2,50,000/- (11) Shri. Jayantilal J. Shah- 2,00,000/- (11/A) Late Champaben Sakarchand Shah and late Kanchanben Sevantilal Shah by Shree Kokilaben Gandhi 2,00,000/-(12) Shri. Indira & Arvindlal K. Shah Public Charitable Trust by K. H. Kaji- 1,82,000/- (13) Shri Pravinbhai N. Shah- 1,71,989. (14) Sheth Harilal Harivallbhadas Dharmada Trust by Shri Sunderbhai Trikamlal- 1,51,000/- (14/A) Shree Jayshreeben S. Lalbhai 1,50,000/- (15) Shri. Shalin Niranjanbhai Mehta- 1,50,000/- (16) Dr. Deviben P. Dalal, Shri Pankaj Jayantilal Dalal(H.U.F.) , Shri Pankaj Jayantilal Dalal, Shri Satishbhai Jayantilal - 1,50,000/- (17) Shri Lalbhai Balkalyan nidhi, Sheth Shri Lalbhai Dalpatbhai -1,50,000/- (18) HEART FOUNDATION & RESEARCH INSTITUTE 1,50,000/- (19) Textile Traders Co. Op. Bank Ltd, Public Charitable Trust by Shri Kshitish Madanmahan- 1,24,128=15(20) SUPRAJA FOUNDATION LTD. 10,95,600 (20/a) Shree Vidhyaben protsahak Trust 1,00,000 /-(20/b) Shree Veena Anilbhai Public Charitable Trust 1,00,000/- (20/c) Shree Shakriben Nagindas Gandhi 1,00,00/-(21) SHRI VIKRAM ANANDBHAI KAVI- 1,00,000/-. (22) LATE REKHABEN JETHALAL BUDHHADEV 1,00,000/- (23) TRADEX POLYMERS PVT. LTD. 1,00,000/-. (24) SHRI RACHH BHARANA MAHAJAN TRUST BY SHRI MAHENDRABHAI CHANDULAL PATEL 1,00,000/-

Apang Manav Mandal is a Non Government Organization founded in the year 1958. It is registered under the Bombay public trusts Act, 1950 and the societies Registration Act, 1960. Apang Manav Mandal is one such organisation that is devoted to the cause of handicapped, looks after all their needs and requirements, tries to give their life purposeful and gradually makes them self- sufficient and live in the society with respect and pride. The aims are overall development of the child by imparting good values and to attention on education, health care and rehabilitation. Apang Manav Mandal is continuously working since last 56 years for the physically challenged people particularly for the students, poor and down trodden and service to the society at large.

Introductory video of Apang Manav Mandal